3M™ aerosol products are always ready when needed. A touch of the finger bonds, cleans, lubricates or handles a variety of other jobs. As handy, self-contained applicators, 3M aerosols often save the expense of complex application systems. Job-matched formulations help get jobs done reliably and cost effectively.

Jet-melt Adhesives
3M Jet-melt Adhesives and Polygun Applicators are an advanced portable systems to help improve productivity, lower cost, and minimize waste. Effective solutions to many product assembly and manual case sealing needs where portability and speed facilitate production.

Contact Adhesives
High strength contact adhesives for spraying, brushing, or roller application. Choice of water-based or solvent-based formulations.

Heat Applied Adhesives
Immediate bonding of most foams, fabrics, plastics, particle board, and light gauge metals. Neat tracks of solventless adhesive are almost like spraying widths of pressure sensitive tape.

Whatever your bonding application, Winston has an adhesive solution. We offer only the finest bonding products for all of your critical applications.